DSP Corporate Legal Services

DSP Corporate Legal Services


DSP Corporate Legal Services is a subscription-based program which adds in-scope consultation related to a wide range of general business and corporate legal issues beyond the employment/labor law services currently offered.

Amazon DSPs who subscribe will have access to an advice hotline staffed with attorneys who will provide counseling and assistance as needed and who will prepare many basic corporate documents. In addition, all enrolled DSPs will receive initial and ongoing Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) compliance services (as explained more fully below).

Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) Compliance

The Corporate Transparency Act (“CTA”) requires entirely new federal filings for all existing DSPs. This will include creating a compliance account with the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Network (“FinCEN”), providing detailed information about all “beneficial owners” of the company (personal names, home residential addresses, and driver’s license/passport numbers), and requires ongoing updating any time any information changes.

The definition of “beneficial owners” will include primary owners, any officers of the company, small minority owners who have some voting rights, beneficiaries of trusts, etc. This is not always as straightforward as it may seem, and attorney assistance with this process is important.

There are significant civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance with the CTA.

All DSPs must be fully compliant with the CTA by December 31, 2023.

CTA filings must also be updated any time there are changes in the relevant information. DSPs will receive CTA monitoring and updating services on an ongoing basis as long as they are enrolled in the program.

Visit our Corporate Transparency Act Resource Center here.

Advice Hotline for In-Scope Services

Enrolled DSPs will have access to a legal hotline for assistance with many basic and common corporate/business topics and projects.


$195/month – first 3 months payment ($585) up front – 12-month commitment.

Beyond the in-scope services provided with this subscription, enrolled DSPs will have access to additional corporate-related Legal Services for more complex matters at reduced rates.