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CSGS Moves into New Offices

Capes, Sokol, Goodman & Sarachan P.C., a Clayton-based firm with 16 attorneys, recently relocated to 12,500 square feet on the twelfth floor at 7701 Forsyth of the Pierre Laclede Center in Clayton. Since its inception and for the past five years, the firm has been located on the fourth floor.

Working with Gray Design Group, the new office environment is extraordinary, with distinctive elements that are both refreshing and pragmatic. The overall philosophy for the new office was to create a comfortable atmosphere, to be enjoyed by staff working long hours.

“We understand that clients come to us seeking solutions for serious issues and we want them to feel as comfortable as possible,” says Jeffrey A. Cohen, a Capes Sokol managing director. “Our new office is a source of pride for everyone working here. It’s exciting to come to work, plus we now have flexibility for the future.”

The design maximizes natural light, uses lots of glass and pleasing, neutral colors, and most importantly, takes advantage of exceptional St. Louis skyline views. Entering the reception area, clients immediately see through the expansive glass-fronted boardroom and are surprised to find they can see the Arch. In addition to spectacular views, one of the main features of the lobby is an expansive wall of a unique woven wood material that acts as a distinct backdrop to the reception desk. Three conference rooms off the reception area provide appealing client interaction spaces, while helping to avoid excess traffic immediately outside of attorney and secretarial work areas.

Interior support spaces that provide privacy and special functions have been created for attorneys according to discipline. For example, there is a “war room” for the litigation practice and private client rooms for the domestic practice. There are separate libraries and storage areas for different disciplines. These areas encourage people to work as a team, to congregate for planned sessions or impromptu conversations.

Secretarial areas are designed with functionality and accessibility in mind. The visibility of files and assorted papers is reduced to a minimum. A large bright, attractively furnished kitchen and dining area is accessed by staff from the interior, with a discreet hidden entry off the reception area to be used for meeting client’s needs.

Cutting-edge technology was a primary consideration. The boardroom features conferencing and computer capabilities with a large fully networked plasma screen for client presentations and depositions. A secure interior room houses all of the controls and grid systems. The system is designed and wired for flexibility and as a launch pad for future needs.

“The fresh, clean neutrality and open environment provide the perfect museum-like backdrop for the firm’s outstanding collection of artwork,” comments Wendy Gray. “It was refreshing to work with a law firm that was so open minded to implementing new ideas.” The firm is a long-time collector of Michael Eastman photography, and large works are displayed in the reception area, client core and throughout the interior hallways.”

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