White Collar Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations

White Collar Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations

Objective and effective representation when it’s needed most.

Criminal investigations can be long, complex affairs that are both personally and financially draining. We can minimize the impact of these investigations – and provide honest and objective representation to limit your risk.

We represent individuals and entities with actual or potential white collar criminal exposure. We work collaboratively to ensure we have a complete understanding of the issues from all sides. It’s an approach that delivers the best possible outcomes and has earned us a solid reputation with both prosecutors and judges. And it’s an approach that often results in the resolution of cases without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.

Key Contacts

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Services We Provide

  • Advise candidates and committees on statutory and regulatory compliance

  • Advising licensees on compliance with continuing education requirements

  • Advising Money Services Business as to FinCEN compliance, including registration and Anti-Money Laundering

  • Assistant with producing documents or otherwise responding to a grand jury subpoena

  • Conducing internal investigations for governmental and quasi-governmental entities

  • Conducting all phases of corporate internal investigations, from planning the investigation, to obtaining and reviewing relevant documents and interviewing witnesses, and preparing the report

  • Criminal investigations conducted by the Department of Justice and/or the Department of Health and Human Services – Office of Inspector General

  • Federal Criminal Litigation in District and Appellate Courts

  • Government Inquires Such as Interview Requests, Summonses and Grand Jury Subpoenas

  • Government Investigations

  • Grand Jury representation

  • Interacting with the relevant government agency

  • Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer (AML/KYC) obligations

  • Representation during investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies, Grand Juries, and Congressional and state legislative committees

  • Representation during the government’s investigation

  • Representation of board members and officers during an internal investigation

  • Representing Money Services Businesses during Bank Secrecy Act Examinations

  • Representing non-target witnesses during a criminal investigation

  • Representing the licensee during disciplinary hearings

  • Representing the target of a criminal investigation

  • Responding to administrative subpoenas

  • Responding to Civil Investigative Demands

  • Responding to Federal Election Commission inquiries

  • Responding to Grand Jury Subpoena and Civil Investigative Demands

  • Responding to informal government requests for information

  • Responding to inquiries from licensing boards and agencies

  • Responding to Missouri Ethics Commission inquiries

  • Serving as “pool counsel” for employees during internal investigations

  • State Criminal Litigation in Circuit and Appellate Courts

  • Trial and Appeal of Qui Tam cases

  • White Collar Criminal Defense & Internal Investigations Team

    David V. Capes

    Senior Counsel

    P: 314.505.5410

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